Bot Libre!

Free open artificial intelligence for everyone

The open source project for the Bot Libre artificial intelligence engine, app, SDK, and website.


Bot Libre is an open source platform based on an advanced artificial intelligence engine developed in Java. The Bot Libre AI engine can be used in any Java platform, such as a Java webserver, Java client, or on Android.

The Bot Libre SDK supports access to Bot Libre's web API from JavaScript, Android, Java, iOS, and objective C.

Some of the features of the Bot Libre platform include:

  • virtual agents
  • chat bots
  • Twitter bots
  • Facebook bots
  • Telegram bots
  • Slack bots
  • SMS bots
  • email bots
  • IRC bots
  • keyword, topic, response matching
  • patterns
  • AIML 2
  • ChatScript
  • Self scripting
  • state machines
  • object oriented knowledge base
  • machine learning
  • vision
  • Android and iOS SDK and app
  • Offline Android AI Engine and App
  • Offline Desktop version for PC and Mac

See It Live

See Bot Libre live and in actions on the following websites: